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In honor of National Cowboy Poetry Week

(April 17-24)

I would like to make this special offer:

Buy a book, get a CD of your choice free!











"No one puts the image, heart and soul of these people into verse in  more professional manner or with more emotion than does Yvonne Hollenbeck...No poet in America has a better feel for and understaning of the folks in our agricultural society.  She show us the struggles, the sadness, and the humor of the folks who feed us..."  Red Steagall






"She is the Loretta Lynn, Dolly Parton and Dale Evans of the poetry world; she's got heart, she's smart, and knows her way around a ranch!"  Baxter Black


"A clear and compelling voice of the plains, South Dakota ranch wife Yvonne Hollenbeck shares he everyday life in both humorous and thoughtful poems...An authentic American treasure, she uses her exceptional gift in the most delightful and meaningful poetry that touches, amuses, edifies, ad entertains reader and audiences everywhere..."  Margo Metegrano,





Rhyming The Range  The book contains Yvonne's newest poems and favorites from her first two books, which are now out of print. (Includes shipping)



















     Rhyming The Range


It might seem quite unusual

and folks may think it strange

that anyone would write a poem

of life out on the range.


But it is a path to register

for other folks to see

a way of life that's fading fast

and what it means to me


I might take a sudden storm

that comes at calving time;

or perhaps a pretty sunset

and put it into rhyme.



Rhyming The Range  The CD features 21 poems from the book recited by Yvonne. 

(Includes shipping) Listen to sound clips below.









I want no rich reward or fame,

I only want to share

my life out on this cattle range,

...a way of life that's rare.


Yes, this life is quickly fading

much like the morning dew,

so stories that describe it

must be accurate and true.



Buy Both Book & CD Together

(Includes shipping)







And when my life is over

if one thing will remain, poems about  a ranch life,

then I have not toiled in vain.


So, while I'm living on this earth

there is nothing I would change

as long as I'm so fortunate

to be rhyming on the range.




Listen to "Windmill on the Prairie"


Whether you are a cattleman, a rancher's wife, an American patriot, or just someone who appreciates good poetry or loves a good laugh, "Rhyming The Range" is perfect for your entertainment.  Here's a sneak peek at few poems whose full verses will provide delightful insight into life out on the range.















"Christmas on the Range" is a perfect Christmas gift; however, the messages of these poems transcend into all seasons of the year.  Leather Bound  









Al and Fredís Gift Exchange

An All-American Christmas

The Annual Christmas Program

The Bells and Grandpaís Sled

The Best Gift Iíve Had in Years

Bringing Home Christmas

Bringing Home the Tree

Christmas Gifts

The Christmas Quilt

Christmas Shopping With a


Cooperís Christmas

Dear Santa

Family Gifts

The Fresh-Cut Christmas Tree

The Heinous Husband Award

How The Poor Folks are Doing

If Christmas Just Started Today

The Junk Man

My Favorite Memory

An Old-Fashioned Christmas

The Perfect Gift

A Ranchwifeís Best Gift

When Itís Christmas on the Range

When Santa Fails to Call

Virginia, I Believe











A Farmers Worst


A Good Name

A Horse Nobodyíd


A New Year Dawning

A Ranch Wife

A Senior New Years


All American Christmas

Bennyís Funeral

Buffalo Flats Lady

Casting Stones

Christmas Gifts

Christmas Shopping

   With a Man

Cutting Kati

Dear Santa

Dining out

Donít Ever Judge

Duct Tape

Feed Salesmen Donít


Geezers (by Pat

    Richardson) & Poor

   Old Geezer Dames

   (my answer)

Good Old Days

Grandmaís Homemade



Grandmaís Rocking


Halloween Headlines

Her Feet Would Rock the


How to Cut Taxes

I Dunno

Money Talk

My Driver

Nanny Needed

Natureís Church

Ode to Smithsonian

Old Folks Rodeo

Our Guildís Next Quilt


Patchwork of the Prairie

Prairie Patchwork

Putting Down Old Red

Queen of the Cow Towns

Quilters Paradise

Ranchwife in the Making

Reality Check

That Old Felt Hat

That Old Home Comfort

The Annual Christmas

The Best Gift Iíve Had in



From My Window
Poems & Stories from the Prairie

This book contains 65 new poems together with pioneer stories and vintage photos never before published. 
Poetry about quilts and quilters, as well as holiday poetry is included.  You'll find the ever popular,  "What Would Martha Do?" in this book!






Received in 2006

and also

 Awarded 2007 Best Cowboy Poetry Book by the WMA




The Christmas Quilt

The Corner Grocery Store

The Lobster Test
The Old Cowboy
The Origin of Mountain Oysters
The Perfect Gift
The PETA Reporter
The Thimble
The Truth About the Bra
The Veterinarianís Goat
The Waitress
The Western Words Dictionary
Truth in Advertising
Virginia, I Believe
Watch What You Pray For
What a Ride
What I Really Needís a Wife
What Would Martha Do?
Why His Ears Are Swollen
Why Jane Left Ted 




            Now Accepting   

                                       Solution Graphics




Shipping and handling fee $3.50 ~ includes multiple items per order









The Will Rogers

Medallion Award is

presented annually

to select Cowboy Poetry

books of outstanding

excellence in content

and design, volumes of

enduring quality that

preserve and celebrate

the history and spirit

of the West.





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An Old Fashioned

Baxterís Famous Column
Best Gift Iíve Had in

Commercial Truckers

   Canít Be Beat
Dakotaís Rose
Donít Wait
Fatherís Boots
Give Your Horse His

Grandmaís Homemade

Here to Help Us Out
How Far is Lonesome?
How the Poor Folks are

Meal Time
Mortgage One Good

Mothers Day Branding
Needing a Pull


Plum Blossoms in the


Ranch Wifeís Revenge

Rebel Rouser (about going

   to Sturgis)
Roundup Day
Saga of the Dust
Saga of the Feed Store

Saga of the Septic Tank
Some Cattleman
Some Things Never


That Cowboy Touch
That Little Shed Out Back
That Old Home Comfort

The Affair
The All-around Horse
The Annual Christmas

   Program (at a one-room

   Country School)

The Auction Sale




Where Prairie Flowers Bloom

This book is full of Yvonne's original poetry and photos of pioneer women.  It also includes short anecdotes by various contributors of the photos.

A wonderful gift that anyone will cherish!






Received in 2003




The Benefit
The Calving Book
The Cattle Thief

The Cowboy Fashion Show
The Christmas Quilt
The Depression Quilt
The Gospel According to Baxter
The Heinous Husband AwardThe Little Red Geranium
The Meadowlark
The Old Folks
The Pedigree
The Saddle Tale
The Unsung Heroes
The Vocation
Three Payments Past Due








Check out these lovely note cards showing a few of the family quilts!











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Pieces of the Past

2008 Best Cowboy Poetry CD by WMA






As Birds Fly From the Nest
Grandmaís Homemade Aprons
*Handmade Gift
*Her Feet Would Rock the Cradle
**How Far Is Lonesome
Pieces of the Past

*She Always Smelled Like Lilacs


The Christmas Quilt
The Flag Out on the Ranch
The Little Red Geranium
The Old Felt Hat
The Old Home Comfort Range
Unsung Heroes
*Women of the West


*music by Jean Prescott

**WMAís 2006 Song Collaboration of the Year 


(Please click links below to hear sound clips) 






As Birds Fly from the Nest



Unsung Heroes





Handmade Gift



Women of the West





Grandma's Homemade Aprons



Pieces of the Past








Shipping and handling fee $3.50

Includes multiple items per order

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What Would Martha Do?

 2007 Best Cowboy Poetry CD by WMA




Sorting Time          







A Plain Olí Ranchwife
Dining Out
Duct Tape
Meal Time
Natureís Church

   (w/music by Jean

Old Folks Rodeo

Origin of Mountain


Putting Down Old Red

Sorting Time
That Old Felt Hat
That Old Home Comfort

Truth in Advertising
What Would Martha Do?
Why His Ears Were




Branding Time
Going Green
Halloween Headlines
I Dunno
Junk Food Bachelor
Sorting Time
The Auction

The Cowboy and the



The Making of a Cowboy

The Old Cowboy
The Ranchwifeís Best Gift
The Ranchwifeís Top

   Ten List
Whatís Good for the

Womanís Worst Fear





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Solution Graphics





Shipping and handling fee $3.50 ~ includes multiple items per order













Prairie Patchwork    $10.00


12 Cards (4.25" x 6") with Envelopes 

Blank Inside

The beauty of the outdoor scenery is enhanced with these lovely family quilts.



To schedule a quilt trunk show combining original poetry with quilts made by 5 generations of family members who lived on the prairies of the Great Plains, see contact information here.



























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