"Sundown on a Century"


Made in 1989 for South Dakota Centennial

The wheat represents the farmers.

The rope around the edge represents the cattlemen.

The corner design represents the five-pointed crocus, the state flower of South Dakota, inviting everyone from all corners of the world to visit the state of

South Dakota...the land of infinite variety. 


Design taken from a picture of a windmill on the ranch.


First of Yvonne's Quilts to Win an Award


Won Better Homes and Garden's Home Sweet Home

contest in 1989.  "Sundown on a Century" was displayed by Better Homes and Gardens at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, the largest quilt show in the world!


"Springtime in Dakota" made as a wedding quilt for Yvonne's daughter won every contest ever entered and also won Better Homes and Gardens' Home Sweet Home contest and displayed in Houston with their collection!
























"Prairie Patchwork" *NEW


A collaboration between noted cowgirl singer, Jean Prescott, and Yvonne Hollenbeck’s “Patchwork of the Prairie Program”, where Jean weaves songs about prairie life into the generations of quilts being presented, resulting in an outstanding presentation for audiences of all ages.  “Tying One On With Jean and Yvonne” can be included or used as a separate program where, entering the feed sack era, audience participation is included in a style show of feed sack aprons as well as a sing-along that highlights the program...a great way to share some history of the depression years experienced by our elders.

In addition to her presentations of cowboy poetry, Yvonne's program entitled "Patchwork of the Prairie" is one of the finest presentations in the heartland. Yvonne shows her collection of family quilts, spanning 140 years, including her own prize-winning creations. Poetry about quilts and quilters is presented throughout this awesome trunk show, which is enjoyed by men and women alike. Throughout the presentation, you will see power-point photos of the quilt makers as well as their homes (some of sod). 

Hollenbeck’s “Patchwork of the Prairie” is also included on the roster of Humanities programs for the States of Nebraska and South Dakota.


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Prairie Patchwork




Christmas Quilt



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Twelve of the special quilts featured in Yvonne's "Prairie Patchwork" trunk show are included in this set of note cards shown on the right.  These delightful cards are available for purchase here.
















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